Legal Assistance

Homeowner Associations and Homeowners may inevitably have disputes, which is why Infinity took our due diligence in teaming up with an . Legal representation is important and sometimes needed. We are also willing to work with any previous legal relationship your association may have in place.

Below are some of the items legal firms can assist the association with:

Collection – Vial Fotheringham helps provide expert assistance with delinquent assessment collection.

HOA Document Analysis – In our analysis of governing HOA documents, we provide advice and recommendations concerning your compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.

Fair Housing Compliance Review – Some associations may have outdated rules or regulations that violate fair housing guidelines. A fair housing compliance review can help you avoid lawsuits filed by disabled or other “protected class” homeowners and tenants.

Board of Directors Guidance – We provide legal guidance, analysis, and effective representation to the Board on HOA issues, including CC&R enforcement and disputes; we encourage analysis of conditions, covenants and restrictions, by-laws, fines and penalty.