Single Family Management

For most of our owners their single-family home represents their largest investment.  We utilize our experience in the market to help owners determine the amount of rental value available for the properties within the micro-markets of their assets location.  We use our experience in home preparedness to efficiently direct dollars into those amenities that will secure qualified prospects and preserve the rental value of the property over the long run.  In addition, because of the volume of business we do with suppliers and service companies, we are able to pass along to our owners’ bottom line pricing which in turn lowers the operating costs on their investment properties.

Selecting qualified applicants to rent your invest home is one of the toughest challenges all owners/managers face and while no applicants are without risk, it is our goal to minimize that risk.  At Infinity we utilize a standard set of screening criteria that meets fair housing laws and provides the necessary information about a prospective resident and their ability to perform under the lease agreements terms and conditions for each asset.  We understand that resident selection is probably one of the most important services we provide, that is why we provide our owners with a copy of the screening criteria that will be used to qualify applicants and if requested, we will review applicants with our owners and make recommendations based on our findings, in other words, we will work together as a team.

The day-to-day management of your asset is the leading reason why most owners seek out a professional manager.  Our services include, and are not limited to:

  • Rent Collection
    • On-line rent payments available for fast easy payments
  • Expense Payment
    • Ensuring bottom line pricing and accuracy of obligations
  • Serving Non-Compliance notices
  • Resident Requests
    • You get to relax let us deal with the residents
  • Detailed monthly accounting and year end reporting and accounting
    • Balance sheet
    • Income statement
    • General Ledger
  • Emergency, maintenance and other, after hours live operators 24/7
  • Bi-annual maintenance, systems and life safety equipment inspections
  • Legal Services
    • Our goal is to avoid legal issues and while we are not attorneys and we do not practice law we do work with the best Landlord/Tenant attorneys. In the event a representative from the landlord is required in court, we will attend on your behalf and provide updates on all matters.
  • EFT of Owner Draws
    • No more waiting for your distribution check, we notify you through e-mail as soon as your funds have been electronically transferred.
  • Full Service
    • As a full-service real estate company Infinity can expand beyond providing just management services. Utilize one of our in house Brokers to assist you in the disposition or expansion of your real estate investment portfolio.  The reality is who knows your home and the market your home is in better than us.

For more information about our services, and our ability to meet your real estate investment property needs, please contact us today, we can be reached at 503-625-6555 or e-mail us at