Neighborhood inspections are performed by the Homeowners Association Operations Manager at the request of the HOA Board, to ensure adherence to the Rules and Regulations and CC&R’s of the community. Landscape walks are also scheduled with the landscape vendor and/or board or committee members as needed.

Violation Coordination

All inspections are performed in a timely manner and include a picture of any violation that is found. Follow-up violations communication can occur immediately after a visit to the community. At the boards discretion, a report can be sent with the monthly management report.

All violations communication occurs between the homeowner and management company. This ensures the Board of Directors is not directly involved in the violations process, as maintaining solid relationships within the community is very important.

  • Violation details, along with a picture, are provided to the homeowner and board to ensure proper tracking and accuracy.
  • Property inspections can be scheduled weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or otherwise.